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  • What is an animated video?
    An infographic or animated video presents your business in clear and concise numbers: your income, the number of partners you work with, points of sale in a city or country, the volume of items produced and delivered, and so on.
  • Why does your business need one?
    Having a visual representation of your business in a video clip is a creative yet simple way to communicate the advantages of working with your company. It’s a great tool to attract potential partners, investors, and clients to your project(s).
  • How long does it take to make an animated video?
    Creating an animated video can take at least 10 days, depending on the individual requirements and wishes of the customer.
  • How do you participate in the process?
    You can follow the production of the video at all stages of the work: from writing the script of the video to the final project presentation. The key to effective client participation in the video production process is clear communication between the client and the video production team, as well as a willingness to collaborate and provide feedback throughout the various stages of production.
  • What factors shape the price?
    The price for an infographic video starts from $3,000 and increases depending on the type of animation included. Videos can have 2D and 3D graphics.
  • How can you use an animated video?
    Animated videos help bring to the fore valuable data that will speak for your business. You can therefore include them in a corporate movie or broadcast it at events. You can also send them to partners in lieu of boring press releases or publish them on social networks to attract customers.
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Film production is our passion
We are pleased with the joint work on the documentary for the 16th FINA World Aquatics Championships. The stories turned out to be very warm and showcased pride for the athletes.
Dr. Julio Maglione - FINA President 

The wonderful team from FILM24.US realized our video ideas! It's been a really great experience working with this group of highly creative filmmakers!
Kevin Bishop — WorldSkills international
I really like the customer-oriented production. The team FILM24.US it is distinguished by responsiveness, and, most importantly, a flexible and creative approach.
Alice Rose — Hasbro
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